if you don’t know me, then let me tell you this. i love food. pathologically.

i am also in the process of designing my own cookbook, so i am having to eat (whee!) like crazy and photograph everything, so i thought that since i love food so much, it should at least have a page on my blog. i hope you like it.

last night’s dinns – pasta with garlic infused oil, basil, romano & yellow squash. delish.

dinns a few nights ago – bbq chicken & pineapple, delicious!
last nights dinns – pan roasted chicken with lemon garlic green beans and potatoes.
last night’s feast – quinoa with steamed red onion, green beans, and, you guessed it, yellow squash. booya!
dinns last week (i am bad at updating..) salad, with most ingredients coming out of the garden – whee! and zach’s home made garlic bread. awesome.
dinner a few nights later…
tomato basil penne bake and more delicious salad. we eat a lot of salads. :)
this evening’s feast – quinoa with zucchini, yellow squash fried with green onions and coriander (all from the garden, woot!), black beans, cheese tomatoes (also from the garden, whee!) mine also had tuna (not shown). it was really tasty.