i randomly found out about this book and after reading some reviews, i am so curious and feel like i must read it immediately. the book is called:

taking the red pill: philosophy and religion in the matrix

here is a review.

i really loved the first matrix movie (but only the first one). and as i watched it, over and over, more bits, and all kinds of symbolism became apparent. it is really smashed in there. there is a rumour that the wachowski brothers didn’t write the screenplay for the film at all, but that it was a woman, whose work was what the movie the matrix and the terminator are based on. there was a big court case, and last i heard, it was unresolved.

anyways, this book does not seem to exist in kindle format which means that it is pretty much impossible to get in a country with no mail service. this makes me sad. i will try to figure out a way to get my hands on it because i have a feeling it would be a really good read. i like those. : )