today i noticed pepe, my little white cat, paying a little too much attention to something in the yard. i know this behaviour all too well, he is most likely pestering something, usually to death. a bird, a gecko, sometimes a hummingbird, a frog. this is always awful for me, and as a bit of a buddhist in the way that i don’t want to kill beasts (although i eat meat, so i am a total hypocrite asshole) i get upset and sad and always try to chase him away to save the creatures life. this rarely works and must be quite a site to anyone passing by, seeing me chasing my small white cat around the yard yelling while he runs, laughing, while chewing on said beast with gusto.

so, when i saw him looking under the little bridge, i went into action, looking at what he might be trying to kill and found that it was a snake. now, i am terribly afraid of snakes, and am happy to say that i haven’t seen very many here, and certainly none in the yard. this was the first. but pepe was all over him and i know that there are many venomous snakes here so i pulled him away and called zach to see what to do. he said that the common wisdom is to kill the beast with a machete (cutting off its head, my gods) and i said no. i don’t like snakes, but i don’t want to KILL snakes. it deserves to be here too and is probably scared out of its snake mind.

he said it was dangerous to do anything else as neither of us know how to handle snakes or how to tell if they are venomous. he did know that there was a guy from the serpentarium (my hell, i have never been) that you could call and he might come and get it and release it into the wild. i thought this sounded like a very good idea and this would mean not having to kill it. so i called around to get this mans phone number and did. easter is a very big holiday around here (people are very religious) and i thought that getting through to anyone on easter sunday might be difficult, but the man answered and spoke a little english, woohoo! when i explained that we had a snake here and were worried about the dogs and cat getting hurt he said he would be here to get it in 5 minutes. amazing.

he arrived (with his entire family in the car, i felt so bad) and pulled the poor guy out of his hiding place under the bridge to inspect him. he said he was not venomous. whew! but he noticed that there were some bites out of him (pepe!!) and that one of his eyes was damaged. the poor guy, i guess pepe had been pestering him before i discovered him. *sigh* i get so mad at him for hurting animals, but he is just being a cat.

here are a couple of pics of mario, the man who runs the serpentarium showing us the snake. he was just little and kind of pretty despite being terrifying and wounded. mario said that he would take him bad to the serpentarium and try to nurse him back to health and release him.