while i was out taking pictures of vegetables, i thought i would walk around and take photos of some of the beautiful flowers too. my hunny is a ninja of gardening, and i am amazed at how many varieties of plants and flowers there are out there. his goal is to have every kind of flower or plant that he has ever come across here, so you can imagine it is pretty ridiculous.

i will identify the flowers and plants i know (the rest neither of us are sure of…)

*i thank judith for identifying some of the ones we didn’t know. gracias!

new guinea impatient

bougainvillea (in panama they are called veraneras)


tres amores (3 loves as they come in white and 2 shades of purple)

heliconia – scarlet torch

heliconia – rostrata


canna (bandera is Spanish)

red ginger

pink ginger

i don’t know what these are called, but they attract butterflies which is wonderful.




*note – my apologies for making the photos so huge. i have resized them so that the page doesn’t take a month to load. ;)