i grew up in a big city, and one of my dreams for as long as i can remember was to have a garden and grow my own food. i am happy to say that now i have a garden, and a lot of the food that i eat, comes out of it. this morning, after watering, i thought i would take some photos of what is growing in it right now.


zucchini is nice.

aji chombo. the local hot peppers here (i am gonna make hot sauce with these bad boys!)

*in a side note, i did in fact attempt to make hot sauce with these yesterday, and when i took the lid off the bottle, it made my eyes water from across the room. i may have to give up on eating it and consider using it as a powerful decongestant.

also, the tips of my fingers burned for the rest of the day. this photo shows how many of the peppers i used. they are stupidly hot.

baby eggplants!




strawberry plants! (but they haven’t produced strawberries yet…)

anaheim peppers!