well, here it is, friday night and it is a quarter past 11 in the pm. we haven’t really eaten dinner and we sort of just stopped working. it is pitch black, we have no tv and everyone else in the entire town has been asleep for hours.

sometimes, i miss doing things. going to movies. eating at restaurants that are awesome, meeting my friends for coffee or even better INDIAN FOOD! when i was at home i had ethiopian food at least once a week. i became like family at that place. here, getting something like quinoa is a hurculean effort.

it is hard for young people here. (it is hilarious that i am considered “young” here, lol). most of foreigners here are retired so they spend their days chatting, volounteering, socializing, its nice. but for those of us who have to work, it is really hard. the electricity goes out. the internet goes down constantly. getting anything done is really hard. *sigh* sometimes i want to go to a yoga class, and i miss taiko drumming.

so, i will go to bed and tomorrow i will work some more. then i will work a bunch on sunday and then it will be monday again and it will start all over. yikes. it has been a bit of a shitty week. hmmm, there will have to be dealing with the dentist too and that isn’t going to be fun. maybe i will get on my motorcycle and drive to colombia. no, wait, the road doesn’t go to colombia, but technically, i could get all the way to canada. but it is cold there now so i don’t want to do that.

sometimes you just have those weeks that kick your ass. i am sure next week will be better. except for the dentist part.