so, the cuisine at all the local restaurants up here (and probably in all of panama) consists of a few things. rice. chicken. sauce. sometimes they get crazy and it is rice. fish. sauce. and there is often some tiny plantains fried or cooked in honey on the side. although this may sound good to you, it is literally ALL there is. every restaurant, i shit you not, offers these things. i remember when a chinese restaurant moved in a few months ago i cried. they really stirred it up when they offered… noodles. chicken. sauce. bless them.

so, this evening, i was inspired by another grain we all love… quinoa. it is a marvelous grain, high in protein and actually indigenous to central and south america. but there is only one store in panama that i know of where you can get it and that involves a 2 and a half hour drive, clenching of fists, terrible driving/drivers, strings of expletives, and probably crying. so, we use is sparingly. this evening i made quinoa with steamed onions, green beans and… yellow squash. we added a bit of teriyaki sauce and it was quite delicious.