as you may or may not know, zach is very handy. i love this about him. every weekend there are projects that need to be done whether on the house or in the yard, and the last couple of weeks there was the huge task of getting the materials to make a path. as it turns out, it is never the actual construction that is the most difficult, it is the acquisition of parts and materials, especially if they can not be found at any of the little stores in town. getting rocks was difficult. it meant finding someone who could get you the rocks and deliver them to the house. and zach wanted a specific KIND of rocks, so that also took some doing. he had planned to make this path for a while and had decided it was time. that part of the yard becomes completely submerged when it rains hard, and this was a way to help raise it, have it drain and make it more beautiful.

to make the path that zach designed he needed 3 types of rocks. sand. big river rocks. and pea gravel.

the sand is to lay down first to raise it up a bit and help it drain. river rocks are bigger and would line the path, and the pea gravel would be the surface for walking on. very nice.

after considerable effort, and speaking to many people, all the rocks were delivered. separately. they came from different places and arrived on different days. i was quite shocked at hom much rock there was in the driveway. here are some pics so you can see what i mean.

as it is presently the wettest part of the rainy season, constructing this path was a wet and dirty job. here is a pic of zach after weed wacking the grass away from the path. epic.

what a filthy beast!

and now, i have just taken pictures of the finished path. i think it looks lovely. it makes the garden even more beautiful. see for yourself…