ok, maybe saying it is a nightmare is being overly dramatic. but let me start from the beginning…

all my life i have been a lover of food. oh my gods, you have no idea how much i love it. eating has always been at the top of my list of things that give me great pleasure and joy. it is almost pathological. because of my immense love of putting the food into my body, it was apparent to me early that i was going to have to learn how to cook as well. and i love cooking. mostly it is a vehicle to the eating, but cooking is a wonderful thing. i love being able to manipulate flavours and discovering new dishes, spices and herbs. what a pleasure it is.

so, it seemed that a person who loved to eat with a background in print design might perhaps want to put together a cookbook. i have wanted to do this for years, but had always been working like such a slave that there was never any time. well, the time has come. the wonderful thing too, is that zach (gods love him) also loves to eat and happens to be a fantastic cook. so, we have combined our best recipes and i have been working on putting them into a book for months now.

my idea at first was simple. i would simply take the best recipes, lay them out beautifully and make a cookbook. no big deal right? well, it has been a bit of a big deal. first, there is writing out the recipes, timing them, making sure the measurements are correct and then photographing the finished product. then there is laying them out. i am also doing a section for every recipe that will list the medicinal properties for some of the ingredients in that recipe and that takes research. now, anyone that knows me will know that i am a ninja or research, but my gods, that is a lot of info!!! i also thought that for this cookbook i really wanted quality recipes versus quantity. all of the recipes are ones that we love and eat on a regular basis. nothing weird. nothing really obscure. just everyday, delicious food.

so i managed to narrow it down to a little more than 50 recipes. and that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it IS. i have been working on this bad boy for hours every day. it is a monster. there is so much. i keep hoping i can get it done in a few weeks, but that has happened about 18 times. i think i am about a quarter of the way through. and that is not including the section at the back with an index of all the ingredients and their medicinal properties. i haven’t even designed that yet. shit!

the good thing is that i will donate 10% of the proceeds from the book sales to local charities. there are a few. there is the amphibian conservation centre. there is the panama animal league and there is the recycling committee. all of which are wonderful organizations and need support and visibility. this is a good thing.

so, i am not meaning to complain, but, well i guess i am complaining dammit. why do i have to make things so complicated? why can’t i settle for mediocrity?? why do i have to make it so nice???!! but it is my nature to want it to be beautiful, so i will just have to suck it up and continue. i am hoping to be done sometime in the next few years. or, if all goes well, by the end of december. i am going to work my buns off to make it happen.

the book will be called cooking in a volcano. and it will be available for purchase here:


may the force be with me.