so, it is presently just past noon on a thursday and there is a raucous parade going on just outside the yard. there is drumming, drumming and more drumming. there are also fireworks. well, it wouldn’t be a parade without fireworks, right? so, panama is a place that is pretty into both parades and fireworks. there doesn’t seem to need to be any reason for either, they occur randomly and often.

i remember this from china, but just the firework part. it was (and remains) the loudest country i have ever visited, people are always yelling and there are fireworks at all hours of the day. someone opens a restaurant, fireworks, people get married, fireworks a baby is born, fireworks. someone farts, fireworks. i don’t think i slept an entire night the entire time i was there.

so, why does panama love its parades so? i have no idea. the other thing to note is that on those rare moments when there isn’t a parade going on, there is practicing for the parade. with drums. so many tinny badly timed drumming. it is quite spectacular. but it makes them happy. and i guess that is all that matters.