It’s been 27 years since two disastrous minutes almost ruined Louis C.K.’s comedy career forever. In 1984, Louis tried his hand at stand-up comedy for the first time at an open mic in Boston, where he jumped on stage for a five-minute set. With three minutes to go, however, the 17-year-old found he had run out of material—an experience so discouraging he thought he’d never tell jokes again.

Luckily for us, C.K. returned to the stage and rose up the ranks of the Boston comedy circuit before moving to New York in 1989. He then kicked off two decades of prolific comedy writing and performing that would span over stage, film and television, earning the comedian his reputation as one of the most talented and prolific names in comedy.

Today is Louis C.K.’s 44th birthday, and in celebration we’ve compiled some videos showcasing his work over the years, from early stand-up sets in 1980s to his acclaimed series “Louie” on FX, currently in its second season.

Take a tour of Louie’s evolution as a comedian and as an artist throughout his two-and-a-half-decade long career.

Follow the above link to see all the clips. :)