while researching the healing properties of eggs (and there are many) i came across this post that i found kind of fascinating so i thought i would post it. as some of you may or may not know, i am a nerd of the healing arts and especially of ancient traditional healing practices. i had heard of similar things, but this post was quite detailed. check it out…

Wow I guess none of you are Hispanic. Using an egg to “heal” is part of Mexican tradition/superstition. Usually a curandera/curandero (healer) prays over a sick individual who is suffering from various ailments (i.e. fever, trauma/fear/anxiety, etc.) and while they are praying they might use holy water, herbs, or an egg. The egg is mainly used to cure “ojo” or “evil eye.”
How to give someone evil eye? It’s typical that Hispanics believe that if you desire something or maybe stare too much at someone that you might, unintentionally, cause them harm. Example: If you look at a beautiful child/infant you need to touch them in order to prevent them from becoming ill (touch their hair, their face, a hand, etc.). Or maybe you like something someone has (i.e. necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc.) you would have to touch it to prevent it from breaking or becoming lost. I think it’s just the idea that jealousy/desire/admiration for something can cause unintentional harm, so you must acknowledge your jealousy/desire/admiration otherwise you might cause it/the individual harm.
Back to how to cure ojo: the curandero/-a would pray over the sick individual and rub the egg over their body. The egg is then cracked and placed into a glass of water. After a certain period of time if the egg floats to the top then you didn’t have ojo, so obviously that wasn’t what was up. If the egg sinks, then the egg “absorbed” the ojo that was placed on you and you should be healed.
Yes, it’s kind of crazy – it’s superstition. But everyone in this area generally believes it – I live in South Texas, about 20 minutes from the Mexican border. This was actually done on me as well. When I was 16 I got into a car accident and according to my family I had “susto” because of the experience. So in order to get over the fear/anxiety after the accident I went to a family member that is a curandera and she prayed over me, and rubbed a small branch of rosemary (I think) over me. As a child I do recall that she also rubbed an egg over me when I was sick.
So now, even as an intelligent adult who has a master’s degree in English and is a teacher, I still kind of believe in this superstition – we generally all do, in this area. I have a 13 month old and when she was a newborn I really didn’t want to take her out in public because I knew that random people at stores would probably want to touch her – trying to be nice and not make her sick, but that rational/scientific part of me made me realize that by actually touching her she could become sick with their germs. LOL – oh superstition.