wow. that is a sentence that i never thought i would write. first of all, canadians and bad things? come on. we dont DO bad things, do we? it seems that we do.

zach told me about this story a little while ago and i was really surprised. and since then, i have been hearing about it all over the place so i thought i would make a post about it. it turns out that the sports bar up here that is owned by a couple of canadians was patronized by this guy less than a year ago. the canadians said he was very friendly (i bet) and had invited them to stay at one of his hotels. i think that they were supposed to go a few days before he disappeared and began his run from the law. here is an article written in

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Wanted For Multiple Murders – Suspected To Be In Panama – Canadian Michel Smith

Tuesday, May 10 2011 @ 06:04 PM EDT

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By DON WINNER for – Today I received information that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are actively searching for a man named Michel Smith, who is suspected to be hiding out in Panama. On 22 April 2009 Canada’s Joint Regional Squads involved in Operation SharQc executed search warrants against the Hell’s Angels – and at that time 24 people escaped. An article about the raids says “Twenty-four members of the Hells Angels and relationships sought – Joint Regional squads involved in Operation SharQc are actively seeking 24 members of the Hells Angels and relationships who escaped the police strike last week (in April 2009). Recall that 129 people were arrested in connection with the operation during which the police conducted 158 searches. Restricted weapons, a certain quantity of drugs, vehicles and nearly a million in cash were seized. Operation SharQc aims to paralyze the criminal activities of the organization of the Hells Angels in Quebec, followed Operation Spring 2001 and aims to offenses committed from 1992 to 2009. Those arrested will face various charges, including conspiracy to murder generally, murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Looking For Michel Smith in Panama: Wanted on a Canada-wide warrant – Michel SMITH. Murder, Gangsterism, Drug trafficking, Conspiracy to commit Murder, Conspiracy to commit Drug trafficking. Michel Smith who uses the alias Mike is known to participate in various criminal activities involving Hell’s Angels, he is a member of the South Chapter. Due to the extent of these activities, the SharQc Operation was established to destabilize Québec’s Hell’s Angels criminal actions. Smith is wanted in connection with this operation. Smith is likely to visit Panama and speaks French.

Description: White Male. Date of Birth: 1962-08-20. Height: 5′ 07″ (172 cm). Weight: 210 lbs (95 kg). Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Distinctive Characteristics Tattoos: Upper back: Warrior scene, Scars: Abdomen : surgical scars. Aliases: Smith Lajoie, Michel Mike, Lajoie Smit, Michel, L’animal, Lajoie, Michel, Considered to be violent. Take no action to apprehend this person yourself. Working in conjunction with Sûreté du Québec, Soutien Opérations MLLL, Mascouche, Québec.

Editor’s Comment: This guy is in Panama somewhere. He’s known to hang out in “gringo bars” and there’s a good chance you might have seen him. If you have please let me know by calling 6614-0451 or send me an email at The authorities really want to wrap this guy up. As usual, I’ll protect you as a source if you so choose. Any and all requests for confidentiality will be respected.